Curriculum Vitae   

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       High School : Koninklijk Atheneum Hasselt (Latin-Mathematics)


Graduation :        Universiteit Gent


Bachelor in Medicine                                              1965  

Master in Physical Education                                    1966                 

Master in Criminology                                              1969               

Doctor in Medicine                                                             1969  


Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School


Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) : General Management



Professional Career at the University of Gent                                       U.G.


Student-Assistent at the Institute for Human and Comparative Anatomy

(Prof.Dr.J.Fautrez )                                                   1966-1969


Assistent at the Clinic for Women Diseases (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) (Prof.Dr.M.Thiery en Prof.Dr.D.Vandekerckhove)                                       1969-1975



Post Graduation Formation


Certificate ECFMG (Education Council for Foreign Medical Graduates) USA


Course Exfoliative Gynaecological Cytology

Université Libre de Bruxelles  (U.L.B. )         Prof. Gompel


Specialist Gynaecologie –Verloskunde (R.I.Z.I.V.)


Andrological Surgery

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (V.U.B.)   Prof.Dr.R.Schoysman         



Course Microsurgery at the Laboratory for Experimental Surgery.

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam  (Prof.Dr.Westbroek en Dr.J.Kort)


Course Hysteroscopy            

A.Z.Jan Palfijn         Merksem-Antwerpen                               1984


Course hands-on laser-surgery

Université Catholique de Louvain ( Hôpital St-Luc  UCL )        Woluwe St-Pierre


Course hands-on Operative Laparoscopy

(American Society of Laparoscopic Surgery )          Aruba


Practical Introduction to In Vitro Fertilization

(A.Z. Jan Palfijn Gent ) W. De Cleer.                                       1996


Supplementary course Andrological Surgery

(Fertility Clinic Munchen)


Course (Hands on) Sentinel Lymph Node in Breast Cancer en Melanoma

(Institut Jules Bordet) Brussel                                               1999


Diagnosis of cervical and Lower Track Genital Neoplasia .

A Hands-on Microscopic Tutorial. Division of Woman’s and Perinatal Pathology Brigham and Woman’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School  at O.L.V Ziekenhuis Aalst                                                                                                                                        2001


Management  for the clinicians.

Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School




Professional carreer


Past Functions

Obstetrician Maternity St-Amandus 

St-Amandsberg-Gent                                       1975-1982                 


Gynaecologist Policlinic Bond Moyson

Zottegem                                                     1975-1982


Gynaecologist C.G.S.O. (Centre for Contraception and Sexual Education)

Kortrijk                                                         1974-1984


Gynaecologist Policlinic F.O.M.                            

Gent                                                            1975-1985


Gynaecologist Policlinic V.A.N.

Roeselare                                                     1975-1978


Gynaecologist “Volkskliniek”

Gent                                                            1976-1992


Docent at the Institute for  Paramedicals Gent

Section Kinestherapie : Topographical Anatomy and Obstetrics

Section Nursing : Obstetrics

Section Ergotherapy : Topographical Anatomy  




Present Functions



Private consultation Gynaecology – Obstetrics - Fertility- Oncology

Koning Albertlaan,143 Gent                  1975-up till now


Gynaecologist ( Gynaecology and Obstetrics )  at the  A.Z. Jan Palfijn Gent ( Before: Ziekenhuis De Bijloke en Instituut Moderne)


Gynaecologist at the I.V.F. Centre of the A.Z. Jan Palfijn Gent


Head of the Laboratory for Gynaecological  Exfoliative Cytology Gent


Tutor Gynaecology - Obstetrics University Gent : 6th and 7th year Medicine


Co-Tutor Obstetrics Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U.L.) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (V.U.B.) : 6th and 7th year Medicine


Member of the examinationboard   Universiteit Gent (U.G.) 7th year of medical graduation. .

Member of the Committee for the revision of the Medical curriculum (Universiteit Gent)

Founder- President Gents Adoptiecentrum  v.z.w.

Founder-President of "De vrienden van het Gents Adoptiecentrum"  v.z.w.



Managerial Functions 



Member of the Medical Council         Volkskliniek                      1977-1987


Head of the Department Gynaecology Volkskliniek                     1979-1992


Member of the Ethical Committee         Instituut Moderne Gent   1988-1992


Member of the Oncological Committee of V.V.O.G. (Gynaecological Society )                                                                                                                           1988-1992

Founder-President “Gents Adoptiecentrum”  v.z.w                      1998-

Founder-President of " De vrienden van het Gents Adoptiecentrum"  v.z.w.


Head of the Department Obstetrics A.Z.Jan Palfijn Gent               1999-


Member of the Medical Council A.Z. Jan Palfijn                            1999-2003


Member of the  Direction Committee of A.Z. Jan Palfijn Gent


Member of the General  board of the A.Z.Jan Palfijn                


Member of the Change management Committee for the Obstetrical ward  of A.Z. Jan Palfijn Hospital


Member of the Change management Committee for Cost Reduction of the A.Z. Jan Palfijn Hospital


Member of the V.Z.W Institute Moderne                                    1995-






Member of the Board of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians

Vlaamse Vereniging voor Gynaecologie en Verloskunde (V.V.O.G.)


Member of the Belgian Specialists

Belgische Vereniging voor Specialisten (V.B.S.)


American Society of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery


Vlerick Alumni


European Society for Gynaecological Oncology


A.L. La Liberté  



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